Boost Teeth Whitening in Carrollton

Teeth Whitening Carrollton TXAre embarrassing teeth stains keeping you from smiling when you’re with friends or family? Do you hide your teeth when you pose for pictures or have a night out? You’re not alone. Teeth stains are a common problem. They’re caused by the foods we eat and by drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. Aging also plays a role, as can some medications.

With a simple cosmetic dentistry service, though, Dr. Henry Campbell can help you take the world by storm. Using Boost Whitening, one of the most effective and professional teeth whitening systems available, we can remove discoloration and renew your smile’s glow. During your next visit to our Carrollton office, ask Dr. Campbell if teeth whitening is right for you.

A Whiter Smile in Just One Visit with Effective Boost Whitening

At our Carrollton office, we use one of the most trusted teeth whitening systems currently available to help our patients put the sparkle back in their smile. It’s called Boost Whitening. With it, we can safely and effectively lighten your teeth by several shades, and often in just one hour.

Boost Whitening uses a specially-formulated bleaching gel to immediately work on stains and reveal a whiter smile. What’s more, Boost Whitening’s powerful gel also contains protective ingredients like potassium nitrate and fluoride to protect enamel from caries, limit sensitivity, and enhance the strength of enamel.

Enjoy a young, more confident smile now! Call our Carrollton dental office to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Campbell and discuss how professional teeth whitening can change your life. Conveniently located in Carrollton, we serve residents from Plano, Lewisville, and across the metroplex.

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