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Full Dentures Partial Dentures Carrollton TXIf you have lost several teeth or are missing a whole row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, dentures provide a sturdy, life-like replacement. These prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored base and are customized to look just like your original smile. Dr. Henry A. Campbell provides lifelike dentures in Carrollton.

Consequences of Tooth Loss

Maybe those gaps in your smile don’t seem like a big deal at first, but finding a replacement that fits well and looks great is key to a happy life. Tooth loss can affect proper nutrition and make it difficult to speak properly, not to mention the toll it takes on your overall self-confidence. Dentures help people enjoy life after partial or total tooth loss.

Partial and Full Dentures

Depending on how many teeth you need replaced, Dr. Campbell will recommend a full or partial denture. A full (or complete) denture fills the entire arch of missing teeth and is secured in the mouth with suction and a denture adhesive if needed. The partial denture fits in with the surrounding teeth like a missing puzzle piece.

While denture maintenance does require a few special considerations, taking care of your prosthetic is not so difficult once you’re used to it. Make sure you brush and rinse your denture at least once a day. Remove your denture at night while you sleep, but be sure to soak it in water or a denture solution when it is not in your mouth. Avoid breaking a dropped denture by placing a cloth on hard surfaces while you handle it.

Let your dentist know if your denture breaks, becomes loose, or otherwise starts to lose its fit. When cared for properly, your denture will last for five to seven years before it needs replacing. Dentures that fit the way they should add to your quality of life -- so stay on top of your regular denture maintenance to enjoy a high-quality tooth replacement for years to come.

Adjusting to Your New Denture

It may take some time to get used to your denture at first, especially if you have gone awhile with no tooth replacement at all. You will eventually be able to eat what you like with your dentures -- even corn on the cob and fresh apples are possible with a properly-fitting prosthetic. But to help your mouth adjust to chewing with your new tooth replacement, eat softer foods at first and begin with small bites.

You may find some words difficult to pronounce when you first begin wearing your denture. To speed through the adjustment phase, practice reading out loud to yourself for a while.

Wear your denture as recommended and don’t give up -- after a few months, you will be back to eating, speaking, and smiling with full confidence!

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