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Improving Oral Health by Restoring a Tooth’s Structure

Do you feel embarrassed about your image because of missing teeth? Dr. Henry Campbell is proud to offer a solution that is like none other. Dental implants in Carrollton can rejuvenate your smile and restore your self-esteem. As the closest prosthetic to nature, dental implants replace both the root and crown of a tooth, fully restoring its complete structure. After dental implant therapy, patients will once again laugh, eat, and speak with confidence.

Benefits of Dental Implants

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When it comes to comparing dental implants to other methods of restorative treatment, it’s hard to overlook and ignore just how superior they are. While other options will restore the look of your smile, only dental implants can improve your oral health by continuing to stimulate the jawbone and offer greater stability.

Some of the other benefits that come with this unique tooth replacement solution include:

  • More functionality when eating, chewing, and speaking
  • Completely natural look and feel
  • A restoration that will last decades, if not longer
  • Limited maintenance
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved facial appearance

Indications for Dental Implants

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Dental implants are extremely versatile when it comes to patients and missing teeth. Whether you’re missing one, multiple, or all your teeth, they can serve as a viable, restorative option.

Missing Single Tooth

When a patient is missing a single tooth, only one dental implant is needed. This is comprised of a titanium post, an abutment (the appliance that connects the implant to the restoration), and a customized dental crown.

Missing Multiple Teeth

If multiple consecutive teeth are missing along an arch, an implant bridge can be used as an alternative to a traditional bridge. Instead of using dental crowns over your natural teeth to serve as anchors, implants are placed in vacated sockets. Crowns are fused together to create a bridge, all of which will recreate a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

If multiple teeth are missing but are not consecutive, patients can opt for an implant partial, which will work just like a traditional partial denture only with implant posts instead of clasps to hold it in place.

Missing All Teeth

If traditional dentures aren’t what you envisioned, an implant-retained denture is a great alternative solution. You don’t have to worry about your natural suction being used to hold it in place because 4-6 implants will be carefully positioned in your jaw to serve as the foundation for your prosthetic.

Start-to-Finish Dental Implant Treatment

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Although Dr. Campbell will not perform the actual placement of your dental implants, he will work closely with a trusted, referred oral surgeon. To start the process, they will surgically position the titanium posts into the sockets left by missing teeth by making small incisions in your gums. Once the areas are closed, your mouth will need time to heal so that the bone can fuse with the dental implant posts.

After several months spent healing at home and allowing the osseointegration process to fully complete (fusing on the implant to the bone), you will return to have your implant dentist in Carrollton place prosthetic crowns on the posts, giving you a strong, complete smile.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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During your initial consultation with Dr. Campbell, there will be discussion regarding the process of implant therapy and what you can expect. You will also learn how much you can expect to pay for your new smile. Most insurance companies do not cover dental implant placement; however, other aspects of treatment may be eligible for coverage, such as:

  • Pre-implant dental work (bone grafting, gum disease therapy)
  • The number of implants needed
  • The location of implant placement
  • Sedation/Anesthesia
  • Materials used

All of the above-mentioned factors are figured into the overall cost of your procedure. By receiving a thorough estimate during your consultation, you can begin to look into options that will help you establish a budget for your new and improved, longer-lasting smile.

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