The Dentist Carrollton Residents Prefer Discusses De and Remineralization

November 30, 2015

If your teeth are prone to dental decay or carries, you are likely very familiar with the process of removing and filling damaged dental enamel. You may even receive regular fluoride treatments or dental sealants as part of your twice annual dental appointments. In some cases, the solution is a change in diet or oral hygiene, but some patients are simply genetically predisposed to experience more tooth decay. There is good news. Innovation in modern dental care is making it possible from patients who struggle with decay to rebuild damaged teeth as part of their regular preventive dentistry routine. Thanks to a natural process known as remineralization, we may be able to regrow decayed teeth in the near future.

You Gave Me This Smile! Now What Should I Do?

June 19, 2012

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A beautiful smile may mean something different to us all. In biblical times King Solomon complimented his love in the Song of Solomon 4:2 for having not only clean and white teeth, but also “all of [them] bear twins”. In other words, each tooth on one side of her smile had a like tooth on the other … Some of us these days set a higher standard for our smiles!
A beautiful smile can last a lifetime. We  play our role in you having this smile. Now what is your role, beyond excellent brushing and flossing?


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