Defining Comprehensive Dental Care with Your Dentist in Carrollton

March 8, 2019

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When you think of the dentist, you likely think of the person who fixes your teeth. Indeed, dentists do that, but some do so much more. Finding a dentist who has a comprehensive dental care approach allows you to get help for a variety of problems in the orofacial area, even those unrelated to teeth. Learn more about what comprehensive dental care is and why it’s important for your oral health by reading this post.

What is comprehensive dental care?

Comprehensive dental care is looking at your mouth as more than just isolated gums and teeth. It also includes evaluating soft tissues in the mouth and the muscles and structures used for movement. As a result, your dentist can offer you many beneficial services that can improve your overall oral health, including help aligning your bite, sleep apnea treatment, and gum disease therapy, just to name a few. 

What is involved in an comprehensive dental exam?

When your dentist in Carrollton performs a comprehensive oral exam, it may surprise you that they can start by getting your full medical history and taking your vital signs. Not only is this information helpful to monitor your heart health regularly, but your dentist needs to know if you have high blood pressure or hypertension because it can interfere with anesthesia.

Your dentist then visually inspects your teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, mouth, and jaw for any abnormalities. More specifically, a comprehensive oral exam includes the following important tasks.

Gum Disease Evaluation

While looking at your teeth is an important aspect of dentistry, it isn’t the only area of concern. Your gums also need attention. The signs of gum disease can be difficult to spot for the untrained eye, and by the time you realize that something is wrong, you could already have significant damage. A comprehensive oral exam takes your gums into account, ensuring that your mouth is healthy from the bottom up.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Although not as common as breast or prostate cancer, oral cancer kills one American every hour and only has a 60 percent survival rate at five years after diagnosis. That rate jumps up significantly when oral cancer is detected and treated during early stages. By doing these screenings regularly, your dentist can be the first to discover signs of this deadly condition, helping you get the treatment you need sooner and increasing your odds of overcoming it.

Bite Analysis

In addition to the inside of the mouth, your dentist in Carrollton can help you with problems with your bite and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or your jaw joint. Excessive wear on your teeth, TMJ pain, headaches, and dental work failures could indicate that your bite or jaw is misaligned. When these problems are properly diagnosed and treated, you could experience less pain, have your dental restorations last longer, and have a more efficient bite.

In the end, by taking a more comprehensive approach, your dentist can address many problems that can interfere with your oral health. It is important to find a dental office that follows this so that you can enjoy the full benefits of a happy, healthy mouth, which can in turn help your overall well-being. To experience comprehensive dental care, contact your dentist for an appointment today!

About the Author

Dr. Henry Campbell earned his doctorate of dental surgery degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas and has decades of dental experience in the Carrollton area. He and his staff integrate faith into how they treat their patients, including starting every day with prayer and adding patients to the prayer board, with the intent of providing quality dental care with dignity and compassion. To make an appointment with him, you can call (972) 939-2888 or click here.

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