Dentist in Carrollton Answers: Why Do I Drool in My Sleep?

May 18, 2018

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woman sleeping in bedIt is common for babies to drool, and we all know it happens because they do not quite have full control over their mouths yet. But what about when this habit sticks with you during sleep? There is nothing pleasant about drooling as an adult, and that is probably the reason no one really talks about it. If you frequently drool when you sleep, you may be relieved to learn it’s more common than you probably think. But WHY do we drool? That’s a whole other topic. Keep reading to learn the answer from your dentist in Carrollton.

Some Common Reasons Why Adults Drool

You can’t really treat drooling until you know exactly what causes it. Below are some of the most common reasons why adults may drool in their sleep.

  • You sleep in a certain position: Because we swallow less often during sleep than we do while awake, saliva may pool in the mouth and will drip out and leave you lying in a puddle of drool — depending on the position you like to sleep in. Side and stomach sleepers are more likely to report drooling than people who rest on their backs, for example.
  • You have allergies or a cold: People who are frequently congested due to allergies or who have a seasonal cold will be more likely to drool when the sinuses are blocked. This blockage makes it difficult to breathe through the nose, which will result in mouth breathing — and that leads to saliva pooling and dripping out of the mouth.
  • You have certain health conditions: There are certain diseases and health factors that can dramatically increase the occurrence of drooling in adults. These include neurological disorders, a history of strokes, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and others.

When Drooling Is a Problem

Drooling is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing for sure, but is it really an issue? Not exactly, say most experts — unless it is an indicator of an underlying health problem, like allergies or a more serious disease. Drooling on its own can cause chapped skin or other irritation in the mouth region.

But even if it’s not a real problem does not mean you can’t seek a solution to overcome the embarrassment that may come along with drooling. Once you have identified the root cause of this habit, your dentist or doctor can help you treat it. Intervention for drooling may require lifestyle changes, medication, or both. Most management techniques for drool are successful.

If you drool as an adult, don’t worry — by partnering with your dentist or doctor, there may be a solution in sight!

Meet the Practice

Dr. Henry A. Campbell is a general and family dentist in Carrollton offering comprehensive dental care for friends and neighbors of all ages. As an expert across all areas of dentistry, Dr. Campbell knows about drooling — and how to stop it. To learn more about intervention methods for this bothersome habit, you are invited to contact the office at 972-939-2888.

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