Flossing Is Not To Be Lightly Brushed Aside!

January 23, 2013

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As a Carrollton cosmetic dentist, I have been asked a few times, “What kind of floss is the best?”  My answer has become, “Whatever floss you will use daily!”

For a clarification of terms – the “what and why” of flossing.   Flossing is sliding something which resembles thread or string between your teeth.  It cleans away plaque that your toothbrush will miss, and is a very essential part of excellent dental health.  It is something that anyone with even one tooth should do.  “Floss first – then brush” should become a mantra for us all who want good health.

There are two different types of floss: multifilament floss (like nylon or silk floss) and monofilament floss (generally made of rubber or plastic).  The nylon floss is probably the more common, and cheaper.  Nylon floss can be found waxed and un-waxed.  The wax is there to help the floss squeeze between the teeth and is handy, therefore, for those with very tight contacts.  I tend to feel that waxed is good, but the un-waxed could be better because the filaments tend to splay out and clean the tooth surfaces.

Monofilament floss is somewhat newer technology.  Since it is so strong, many feel it is easier to pull between teeth.  And then both types of floss come in thicknesses and flavors.  [What’s this about bacon flavored floss?]

Again, what is most important about flossing is that you floss with floss all your teeth every day!  Many studies have shown that flossing contributes to good oral health and to good overall health.   Researchers in Zurich found the newly-identified bacterium Streptococcus tigurinus in the blood of patients with meningitis.  This bacterium can get in the bloodstream through bleeding gums.  Meningitis can be fatal.  To help you understand other connections between healthy gums and healthy bodies, let us know here how we can help you enjoy excellent health.

And may the floss be with you!

Acknowledgement and thanks to “Huffpost Healthy Living” and Thomas P. Connelly, DDS, July 5, 2012.





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