You Gave Me This Smile! Now What Should I Do?

June 19, 2012

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A beautiful smile may mean something different to us all. In biblical times King Solomon complimented his love in the Song of Solomon 4:2 for having not only clean and white teeth, but also “all of [them] bear twins”. In other words, each tooth on one side of her smile had a like tooth on the other … Some of us these days set a higher standard for our smiles!
A beautiful smile can last a lifetime. We  play our role in you having this smile. Now what is your role, beyond excellent brushing and flossing?

1. In the event you have porcelain veneers or crowns on your front teeth and you were given an acrylic bite guard to wear nightly, wear it nightly. It is specially made to help you protect your teeth from grinding, inadvertent or otherwise.
2. Watch what you eat! Rock hard snacks and candy can break teeth and crowns. Particularly sticky candies occasionally pull crowns off; sweets left in your mouth are food for bacteria which produce acids that eat into teeth.
3. Recent research has found that foods which have a low pH (that is, they are acidic in nature) change the bacterial flora in our mouth and make the oral environment itself more acidic. This leads to an environment which is susceptible to decay – an excellent reason to completely abstain from soda pop… (What would that be like?)
4. Ingesting certain liquids such as orange juice, for example, should be followed with enough water for a thorough rinse before brushing, because brushing your teeth with something that acidic in your saliva has an increased abrasive effect. It is akin to brushing your teeth with an abrasive in your toothpaste.
This is not an exhaustive list, but why not start here? And keep smiling!
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